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Meet the 2020 Start-Ups Batch!!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Capsula TAU has happily taken on six new companies to mentor, all working towards a sustainable future and smart mobility. As part of our acceleration program, all of the start-ups are meeting with multinational companies that are in the mobility, automotive, energy, and clean tech domains and with startup ecosystem experts. In a city full of innovation and creativity, we are honored to be able to assist these companies with their goals.

First off, we have Dusmit, an innovative air purification technology that is offering a solution to indoor air pollution. By utilizing thermodynamic principles and continuous air flow, their technology can purify your air without the use of chemicals. This technology can be applied in public transportation or any indoor area. In this time of uncertainty, we are glad to know that we have a reliable method that can take out viruses and other airborne contaminants. Thanks, Dusmit!

Next up, Capsula TAU is working with Gadfin Aero-Logistics Systems, a sustainable solution for unmanned aerial delivery services. Their high-tech drones connect with delivery systems in remote locations at very quick rates. Delivery companies are responsible for carbon emissions and the levels are increasing. Propulsion is provided by a combination of LiPo batteries and Fuel-Cell technology all while maintaining eVTOL capabilities and zero harmful emissions. We are very proud to be a team with the workers at Gadfin.

The next amazing start-up that is a part of our 2020 fall batch is Solutum. Our planet has a problem with single-use items and microplastic consumption in our marine systems. The founder of Solutum has created a unique patented solution, a product that feels and looks like plastic, but is made up of a 100% eco-friendly material. If it's time to biodegrade, just add water! It doesn't get any cooler than that, does it?

Capsula TAU doesn't stop there... our next start-up that we have had the honor of mentoring is Enervibe Energy Harvesting Solutions. This team has figured out a way to convert vibrations into electricity in order to power IoT devices for cross-markets applications including industrial, automotive, aviation and sports. This is a highly efficient method used in smart cities, public transportation, and public buildings. The force is with them, and so are we!

Next up, we have Carrar, a start-up who poses a highly versatile and applicable cooling technology of electric car batteries, power storage units, wind turbines, and more! With this green technology, fast charging is no longer unattainable. Battery life time can be extended and cell temperature can remain uniform, all while helping the environment. We are proud to say that Carrar is leading us into the future.

Last but not least, we are happy to share the technologies of Alteco. Their cloud-based platform allows you to manage, monitor and analyze energy consumption and costs from multiple sources.The platform utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to detect anomalies in consumption and provide alerts, predictive maintenance and cost forecasting. All of the devices can be mapped by connecting to just one meter! Using platform can lead an organization (or even a country) to a reduction of 10%-30% in their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Capsula TAU is excited to have the opportunity to team up with these start-ups in order to lead the way into a sustainable and high-tech future. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our staff on the contact tab on our webpage. Thanks for reading!

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