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How Start-ups in Smart Mobility are Positively Impacting the Environment

Smart mobility is a creative mode of green transportation and all of the ideas that go into the design of a sustainable urban environment. Creating a smart city can take on many different forms, whether it is the implementation of electric cars, air quality monitoring devices, or even bike rental services. In Capsula's case, we have the ability to help our start-ups share their ideas with the world. We're here to accelerate air purification technology, drone delivery services, battery cooling systems, energy harvesting solutions, and more. When all of these smart city technologies come together, we are able to increase the quality of life in urban centers while positively impacting the environment. Here's how it's done: 1. Monitoring Daily Living Conditions -Sensors have been designed in order to record data on air quality, temperature, humidity, noise pollution, and more. Cities can use this information in order to analyze the health of the environment and figure out ways to better living situations. It is important for stakeholders to invest in these technologies as it can be the key to increasing work efficiency and trust within the built environment. One of our start-ups, Dusmit, has created an advanced air purification technology that decreases pollution levels in indoor structures. With all of the news about the pandemic, With the implementation of these types of creations, there will be lower sickness rates and a more relaxed community with a peace of mind. 2. Fewer Carbon Emissions -With advancements in smart technology, there will be more options that are an alternative to using fuel for transportation. Citizens can choose to walk, bike, rent a scooter, or purchase electric vehicles. Reducing emissions and pollution in our environment can lead to an increase in overall efficiency and decreases in rates of respiratory diseases, cancer, mental health problems, and more. Carrar has designed a unique cooling system for electric vehicle batteries, allowing higher levels of efficiency and more time while driving vehicles that do not emit harmful toxins. Gadfin has created a solution for the emissions caused by delivery companies, offering a quick method to transport large shipments over long distances. These our examples of companies that have worked towards a sustainable future involving smart mobility. 3. Energy Savings - Satellite systems, cameras, traffic light technologies, and data-collecting smart sensors are all technologies that will allow us to be energy-efficient. One of the start-ups that we accelerate, Enervibe, has designed energy harvesters that have optimized energy conversion by using wireless sensors, power management circuits, and a dynamic mechanism listening to changes in the vibrating source. This can be used in city centers, public transportation, and in the maritime industry. Alteco has designed a cloud-based platform that allows users to manage, monitor and analyze energy consumption and costs, connecting to a meter and monitoring all devices connected. Using the platform can lead an organization or even an entire country to a reduction of 10%-30% of their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Smart mobility and green technology is the future. As the world continues to advance, we must also consider how we can positively impact the environment and leave an ecological handprint. Capsula is proud to help six start-ups in smart mobility achieve these goals.

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