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Capsula Participates in Academia/Entrepreneurship Panel

Julia Shteingart, Managing Director of Capsula, a smart mobility innovation center and accelerator that is located at The Porter School of The Environment and Earth Sciences, participated in a panel discussing the connections between academia and entrepreneurship at the TAU Innovations 2018 Conference. The three-day long conference was attended by over 6,000 guests and had sponsors from a wide-range of industry-leaders, including Capsula.

During the panel, she emphasized the "bridge to the industry" that Capsula is able to build for students attending TAU. During their time at the university, students can work with the accelerator to get hands-on experience with startups working in the smart-mobility field. In addition, startups can expose a new generation to important skills while benefitting from the innovative minds of a diverse group of students and professors.

The Academy as an Incubator for Entrepreneurship - TAU Innovations Conference

To further connect academia and entrepreneurship and continue to serve as an "intersection" between the two domains, Capsula will be hosting events to bring them together. We are also always looking for additional ways to connect students, professors, researchers, and startups so that they can collaborate to address the issues facing the smart-mobility field.

For more information on Capsula, please explore our website,

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