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Capsula Summer 2019 Demo Day

On June 27th Capsula held its latest Demo Day, showcasing our current batch of talented start-ups. 

The Demo Day was part of TAU Mobility Fest, marking 5 years of work at TAU on smart mobility in research and entrepreneurship, with our partners the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Initiative. 

As part of the presentations, we brought together a panel of four Capsula alumni, all of whom have raised significant capital and partnered with multinational companies. They shared their experiences with the audience and some of their "secret sauce" ingredients to their success. Some of their top tips? Don't compromise on who you hire. Don't be satisfied with POCs, follow up with your partners' business unit, the main goal is to sell the product! Have patience, and believe in yourselves. 

Simon Litsyn, who drove the creation of the USB drive and is a founder of StoreDot, also spoke to the audience and and directed valuable tips to the early stage startups founders.

Julia Shteingart then introduced the 6 startups, who pitched the wide range of smart mobility solutions that is typical of Capsula: predicting pedestrian behavior with the help of sensors; optimization of mobility as a service applying reinforcement learning techniques; cybersecurity for maritime transport; creating optimal routes for EV charging and errands; cybersecurity for cars creating a unique signature; and using pheromones in order to assess and influence AV drivers and riders. 

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