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Capsula Hosts Foreign Delegations

Airbus Delegation Visits Capsula

Capsula, a unique partnership between the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Initiative of the Prime Minister Office and Tel Aviv University functions as an accelerator and innovation center, connecting startups and key players in the industry and academia.

In order to accomplish this mission and bring awareness to our program, we often host delegations from across the world to learn more about Capsula and smart-mobility in Israel. This ranges from government officials to representatives from industry-leading companies.

When these delegations visit Capsula's offices they are given a presentation highlighting the work that we do to develop startups focusing on mobility. Capsula also works to connect startups in the smart-mobility field to partners who can further assist with their growth, as well as to pair companies with startups developing technology that fulfills their goals. In addition, presentations highlight alumni of our program who have gone on to transform mobility both in Israel and in cities around the world.

Recent delegations to Capsula include Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, and CTAG. Julia Shteingart, Managing Director of Capsula, met with the delegations from these organizations and described our mission to them.

CTAG Delegation Visits Capsula

We specifically target international organizations looking for partners who can assist with connecting them to startups in order to meet their business goals. In addition, Capsula looks for companies looking to introduce or further integrate themselves to the Israeli marketplace. Israel is a global hub for innovation and companies are increasingly seeking to connect with startups here who are at the forefront of advancing technology.

If you are a representative of an organization and would like to get more information on having a delegation hosted by Capsula, please contact Julia Shteingart, Managing Director, here

For more information about Capsula, please explore our website

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